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PHP Training Courses in Chennai

Best PHP Training in Chennai

PHP (or) Personal Home Page is a programming language which deals with website development. It is a platform for developing websites.

Finding PHP training institute in Chennai has never been easy. If you want to graduate as a properly trained PHP developer then Internet marketing courses should be your school of choice and hope of your dreams. Graduating from this school guarantees you to join the elites in the Information Technology(IT) industry. This academy covers syllabus very well and have the needed facilities to equip the students with the necessary skills needed in the job market.

Their course outline is as follows:

  • PHP introduction.
  • PHP basics.
  • PHP built in functions.
  • PHP functions.
  • Sessions and cookies management.
  • MySQL database.
  • OOPS in PHP.

Each has subtitles to be covered.

In this academy, training is done by working professional IT veterans from MNC companies, project guiding is done by IT specialists and proper training for your brighter future.

It only takes 30 days to carry out PHP training in Chennai and anyone can apply ranging from graduates, freelancers, web developers among others.

Please check out the link. Brief on PHP

Our Syllabus

PHP - Introduction

  • Introduction to the LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) software bundle and basic syntax of PHP
  • Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows using Wamp Server or Xampp Server
  • Usage of phpinfo() function
  • Coding standard (how to indent codes)
  • Echo and print function
  • Comments (Singleline and multiline)

PHP - Basics

  • Embedding php into html and embedding html into php
  • Error reporting
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Control and looping statements
  • Break and continue statement
  • Triple equals
  • How to use die and exit functions

PHP built-in functions

  • Introduction to array and types of arrays (Associative array and multidimensional array).
  • Importance of foreach statment
  • Usage of include, include_once, require and require_once functions
  • $_GET, POST and $_REQUEST variable
  • Isset and empty function
  • Working with form data
  • How to get visitors ip address using php
  • File handing in php
  • File upload in php

PHP Functions

  • Functions with arguments
  • Functions with return a value
  • Array functions
  • Calendar functions
  • Date functions
  • Error functions
  • Filesystem functions
  • Mail functions
  • Math functions
  • String functions

Session and Cookie Management

  • Session management in php
  • Cookies in php

MySQL Database

  • MySql connection
  • Create database and table
  • MySQL Create, Insert, Select, Where, Order By, Update, Delete, Drop, Truncate, Alter, Join(inner join,left join,right join and full join) etc.,
  • Order by, group by, distinct,limit and like function
  • MySql functions


  • Introduction to OOPs – PHP 4 Vs PHP 5 Object Model
  • Defining Classes – Instantiating Objects – Constructors & Destructors
  • Properties and methodes and Access specifiers : private, public and protected
  • Inheritance(Extending classes)
  • MVC Architecture

Application Developement as Project in PHP

  • Training by Working Professional from MNC companies
  • Project guidance taken care by IT Experts
  • One can easily get placed with tied up companies
  • Classes on sample projects & assigned to work with live project
  • Proper training for your bright future

  • 30 Days

  • Any graduates
  • Freelancers
  • Web designer/developer
  • Web master / Digital Marketing Executive

  • Firstly, One should be keen to learn
  • Working Knowledge in Computer
  • Working Knowledge in Internet

I would want to suggest this training to everybody who may be intrigued because Internet marketing courses usually provide you with a real time training on SEO. You simply will not be provided coaching like institution. It assigns you a SEO Specialist along with live projects.

Training Curriculum Highlights
  • Course Delivery by Industry EXPERTS
  • Impart Live Training with Individual Attention
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Future support for Queries
  • Flexibility for Weekend/Weekday Classes


We obtain typical demand from web development companies regarding Search engine marketing Consultant (or) SEO Analyst (or) SEO Executive. Once you complete the course, we notify the companies and send the resumes. Based on their requirement, Interviews will be scheduled immediately. apart from that, we have listed various other core companies and IT companies in our website who has tied up with our institution.

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