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Web Designing Training Courses in Chennai

An attractive and useful website is important in the marketing of your business. If you are trying to establish your own site, you should go for web designing training in Chennai. These courses can equip you with the necessary computer and web design skills to make an original, functional website that your customers will enjoy using.

There is more to web design than inventing a unique URL (web address). In the courses, you can learn about the programming of the site (to make it work faster), how to make your site easier to use, and also how to make it more creative, so that it is more pleasant to look at.

You will also learn about SEO, or how to make your site more popular on the internet. Courses in SEO are important in understanding how to maximize your internet marketing and turn your site into one of the leading authorities on your particular product or service.

There are many millions of sites on the internet, and new ones are being added all the time. Web designing training in Chennai can give you the edge over the other companies in your market sector. Taking these courses in web design might be an important step in increasing your customer numbers.

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Our Syllabus


Introduction to HTML5

  • HTML5 Overview
  • Browser Support
  • New Features
  • HTML5 Elements
  • HTML5 Attributes
  • HTML5 Document
  • HTML5 Events
  • HTML5 Web Forms 2.0
  • HTML5 – SVG
  • HTML5 – WebSockets
  • HTML5 – Canvas

HTML5 Document

  • section
  • article
  • aside
  • header
  • footer
  • nav
  • dialog
  • figure

HTML5 Attributes

  • Standard Attributes
  • Custom Attributes
  • Create links to new pages

HTML5 Web Forms 2.0

  • The input element in HTML5
  • The output element
  • The placeholder attribute
  • The autofocus attribute
  • The required attribute


CSS Introduction

  • CSS3 Borders
  • CSS3 Backgrounds
  • CSS3 Color
  • CSS3 Text effects
  • CSS3 User-interface
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • CSS3 Basic box model
  • CSS3 Generated Content
  • CSS3 Other modules

CSS3 Borders

  • border-color
  • border-image
  • border-radius
  • box-shadow

CSS3 Backgrounds

  • background-origin and background-clip
  • background-size
  • multiple backgrounds

CSS3 Color

  • HSL colors
  • HSLA colors
  • opacity
  • RGBA colors

CSS3 Text effects

  • text-shadow
  • text-overflow
  • word-wrap

CSS3 User-interface

  • box-sizing
  • resize
  • outline
  • nav-top, nav-right, nav-bottom, nav-left

Other modules

  • CSS3 Transitions
  • media queries
  • multi-column layout
  • Web fonts
  • speech


Introduction to jQuery

  • What is jQuery?
  • Why jQuery?
  • jQuery Get Started
  • jQuery Syntax

jQuery Selectors

  • The element Selector
  • The #id Selector
  • The .class Selector

jQuery Effects

  • jQuery Hide/Show
  • jQuery Fade
  • jQuery Slide
  • jQuery Animate
  • jQuery stop()
  • jQuery Callback
  • jQuery Chaining

jQuery HTML

  • jQuery Get
  • jQuery Set
  • jQuery Add
  • jQuery Remove
  • jQuery CSS Classes
  • jQuery css()
  • jQuery Dimensions

  • Training by Working Professional from MNC companies
  • Project guidance taken care by IT Experts
  • One can easily get placed with tied up companies
  • Classes on sample projects & assigned to work with live project
  • Proper UI training for your bright future

  • 30 Days

  • Any graduates
  • Freelancers
  • Web designer/developer
  • Web master / Digital Marketing Executive

  • Firstly, One should be keen to learn
  • Working Knowledge in Computer
  • Working Knowledge in Internet

I would want to suggest this training to everybody who may be intrigued because Internet marketing courses usually provide you with a real time training on SEO. You simply will not be provided coaching like institution. It assigns you a SEO Specialist along with live projects.

Training Curriculum Highlights
  • Course Delivery by Industry EXPERTS
  • Impart Live Training with Individual Attention
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Future support for Queries
  • Flexibility for Weekend/Weekday Classes


We obtain typical demand from web development companies regarding Search engine marketing Consultant (or) SEO Analyst (or) SEO Executive. Once you complete the course, we notify the companies and send the resumes. Based on their requirement, Interviews will be scheduled immediately. apart from that, we have listed various other core companies and IT companies in our website who has tied up with our institution.

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